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Group Exercise is a popular form of activity. This is usually led by an instructor and participants follow instructions. This can range from seated activity classes right up to high intensity circuit classes. Most activities can be done alone, however, one of the great benefits of group exercise is the support, encouragement and camaraderie others give you. Taking part in group exercise can become a social occasion and a great way of improving your physical and mental health.

Some common categories of group exercise are:

  • Dance – Dancing is a great and fun way to improve cardiovascular fitness, strengthen muscles, increase circulation, and decrease blood pressure, which ultimately reduces the onset of potential illnesses. Dance is the movement of the body in a rhythmic way and a good  way of expressing yourself and releasing built-up energy, whilst having some fun! There are so many different types of dancing to try out, with a style to suit everyone’s needs.
  • Strength Exercises – Doing strength exercises isn’t always about lifting heavy weights in the gym, it can be anything that works your muscles, such as doing body weight exercises like lunges. Doing strength exercises not only strengthens your muscles, but it also helps to keep your bones healthy and reduces the risk of Osteoporosis.
  • Aerobic Activities – These activities are designed to get your heart rate up and get you a bit sweaty and breathless. Aerobic activities are great for not only improving your fitness and helping to maintain a healthy weight, but they also improve your cardiovascular health. This includes reducing the risk of common diseases such as heart disease, stroke and some types of cancer.

To find out more about the specific exercise classes on offer and those that can be found near you, click on the links below.


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Man using hand Weights in an inclusive class

Strength Exercise

When most people think of strength exercise, they think of huge men lifting massive weights in a gym. But in fact many exercise routines promote strength which has long lasting...

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Page about the different types of Fitness activities

Fitness Activities

Many group exercise classes are designed to improve health through doing high intensity activity where you are out of breath, sweating and have difficulty holding a conversation. These are often...

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Group dancing


Dance is an excellent way to keep fit whilst having fun. When you’re concentrating hard on the dance moves, you forget that you’re actually giving yourself a good workout! There...

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Steady steps plus class

Steady Steps Plus

Steady Steps Plus classes are ongoing weekly exercise classes for those that would like to improve and maintain their strength, balance, and fitness.

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Kneeling leg stretch at Falls class

Steady Steps Falls Prevention

Steady Steps is a 24-week course of weekly classes and home-based exercise aimed at adults age 65+ who feel unsteady on their feet. These programmes are delivered by specialist Postural...

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Women lifting barbells to chin

Easy Movers

Easy Movers is a circuit style exercise class to help people maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. Each class includes a variety of low impact exercises using resistance bands and body weight to improve your cardio fitness, stamina and strength.  The class is ideal for those looking to maintain a healthy weight or those who have health conditions.

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Instructor having a consultation with a client

Referral Success Story

Through participating in an exercise referral, one resident was able to improve her mental wellbeing, physical health, and lose an impressive amount of weight in 12 weeks.

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Join our Pilates session every Tuesday 7:15pm-8:15pm at Thythorn Hill community centre in Wigston. A low-intensity exercise session that aims to improve your posture, balance, flexibility and body awareness whilst...

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Two women following tai chi movements

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a moving meditation in the form of a series of gentle exercises that create harmony between the mind and body. Regular practise will improve your wellbeing.

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Parklands Leisure Centre

Get active and keep fit at Everyone Active’s Parklands Leisure Centre Oadby, Leicester’s premier leisure facility with gym, swim and kid-friendly facilities. The 115-station gym has all the latest cardio and resistance equipment, as well as free weights, while there’s also a 25m swimming pool that hosts all our award-winning swimming lessons, alongside other aquatic activities. Alongside these, there’s also a multi-use sports hall, as well as our Play World Soft Play and Fun Climb Centre. We also boast an innovative outdoor training area, group fitness studios that host a range of sessions, as well as a café in which you can relax.

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Fit 2 dance participants

Fit to Dance

Our Fit to Dance classes are aimed at people aged 55+ who want to improve/maintain their health and fitness. Fit to Dance combines routines from various dance styles including line dancing, contemporary and ballet to offer a varied but fun exercise class.

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Huncote Leisure Centre – Everyone Active

Huncote Leisure Centre offers a multitude of different facilities to satisfy everyone’s fitness and activity needs, both indoors and outdoors. Alongside our ultra-modern gym, spacious and versatile sports hall, group fitness studio and a café, here at Huncote Leisure Centre, we also boast outdoor team sports facilities, including a full-size football pitch. So why not come on down and see what we have to offer?

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Enderby Leisure Centre – Everyone Active

You can choose between a huge variety of different activities here at Enderby. Whether you want a tough workout in the gym, a gentle game of bowls or a round of golf, then we’ve got you covered. Meanwhile, you can also enjoy our wonderful swimming pools in which we host our award-winning swimming lessons, as well as numerous other aquatic activities. Elsewhere in the centre, you can enjoy a number of activities in our sports hall, including five-a-side football and badminton, while our group fitness classes are sure to suit everyone too.

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Information about the different types of aerobic activity

Aerobic Activities

These activities are designed to get your heart rate up and get you a bit sweaty and breathless. These activities improve your cardiovascular health resulting in a range of health...

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Information about the benefits of Circuits


Circuit training is a combination of exercises performed with short rest periods between them for either a set number of repetitions or a prescribed amount of time. One circuit is...

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Pink image with women in a group photo

JUST South Leicestershire

JUST Get Involved provides women with the opportunity to explore a variety of sport and physical activities.

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Bus Routes

Various bus route maps from all around Leicestershire

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