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Sports Club provide a key role in our Active Blaby Network. There is a huge network of clubs from a variety of sports in Blaby District and they act as a great service for residents to come and play. As part of the Active Blaby Network, we want sport clubs to be a lead partner for us to get our less active people more active in a fun, sociable environment. Sport is well recognised through coverage on screen and media whilst also many sports would have been played in most people’s younger days. These experiences however may not have always been positive so it’s important that people can be welcomed back to sport in an enjoyable way.

Being part of the Active Blaby Network can help your club reach a wider audience for increased membership, promote to greater number of people and receive updates on recent developments in funding opportunities, qualifications available and workshops. Active Blaby can also support access to training and volunteers as well as delivering events to support your club dependent on its needs. Active Blaby includes a wide range of partners that can support the club on these areas.

Having the appropriate resources and information is key for any club when trying to develop and progress. This page will highlight links to the help and support available to improve your club. Whether you need funding advice/support, new equipment, planning advice or help with cost cutting, we can provide professional support and help point you in the right direction.

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Most sports clubs primary requirement for support is funding. This could be funding for new equipment, facility-based costs or an expansion of membership. Clubs generate income through subs but it’s a fine balance between charging members enough to get the necessary costs covered but not too much as to lose those members. This usually results in having a small cashflow but not enough for any significant improvements. Organisations within the Active Blaby Network can help you with finding funding, support with applications and liaise with parties on facility discussions. More information on funding can be found on the link below.


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Volunteering in sport isn’t just about being a coach or an official, there are many roles which require input from volunteers. Clubs utilise a whole range of skills that members (and extended members) of the club have, such as ICT, social media, health and safety and event management amongst other skills. However, it could just simply be putting in some time to help the club out, such as supporting coaches, running a hot drink stall or helping with car parking. All of these tasks require volunteers. Within clubs, sometimes it’s useful to upskill the volunteers for the role they have taken up or you need to find some people to help. The link below will direct you to some support.



In pretty much all clubs, the coach or activity leader trains the teams and looks after them. The role of the coach is very important, not just to help improve the skills through training methods but to create an environment where people want to come back and play on a regular basis. In clubs, coaches need to be qualified to lead sessions to ensure safety and quality. Whatever your role, whether that’s a coach, facilitator, instructor, leader, teacher or trainer, can help you to be active and improve by helping you connect with the people in front of you and to put their dreams, feelings, needs and well-being at the heart of your coaching. For more information on coaching, please visit the UK Coaching website on the link below.

UK Coaching Website

Some further resources that you may find useful as a club to develop certain aspects

Club Matters Logo

Club Matters

Access our wide range of tools, guidance and resources that cover all aspects of running a sports club or group – everything’s free, bitesize and simple to use.

Follow link to "Club Matters"

Active together Marketing Tools and resources for partners

Active Together – Marketing

Active Together has a marketing section of the Tools and Resources Portal is for our local partner organisations, to support consistent delivery of key programmes and campaigns through branding and campaign packs.

Follow link to "Active Together – Marketing"

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Information from National Governing Bodies of Sport

For information about the individual sports, you can access the websites of the recognised National Governing Bodies of Sport to find out the rules, local clubs and the national game.

Follow link to "Information from National Governing Bodies of Sport"

Blaby District Council also work hard to gather up to date information on local community provision, facilities and usage to understand how well used our facilities are and if there is a shortfall that needs to be prioritised when opportunities present themselves. The documents below are Blaby District’s Playing Pitch Strategy which highlights areas for improved and increased facilities. Blaby District Council are happy for sports clubs and facility managers to utilise the documents to help in developing an evidence base and/or a needs assessment for any works you require from it.

These documents were pulled together just before COVID and some the required works have been completed. A refresh of these documents is currently being arranged. We would also like to hear from you if you are looking to develop facilities to see if we can support in any way. You can contact us on the details below.

Blaby District Playing Pitch Strategy & Action Plan – Nov 2020

Blaby District Playing Pitch Strategy & Action Plan - Nov 2020

Download file: "Blaby District Playing Pitch Strategy & Action Plan – Nov 2020" (2 MB)

Blaby District Playing Pitch Strategy Assessment Report

Blaby District Playing Pitch Strategy Assessment Report

Download file: "Blaby District Playing Pitch Strategy Assessment Report" (2 MB)

For more information or any more support with your club, please contact the Active Blaby team using the form below.

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