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Who Are We?

The Active Blaby Network is a collection of people, partners and organisations, from private, public and voluntary sectors as well as members of the public, all aiming to increase the physical activity levels of residents of Blaby District.

What Do We Do?

Blaby District Council host the Active Blaby core team, who utilise funding to deliver more specialist programmes within the district but also act as the physical activity hub where we link in with other local providers to support residents to be more active. These providers may not be solely activity providers but community organisations or health services that can enable a person the time, support or resource to be more active. Our exercise professionals triage all referrals taking into account activity levels, abilities, health conditions and behaviours before offering a range of safe and suitable activities and resources that will be effective at increasing physical activity  levels and start an active lifestyle.

Why Should You Refer To Us?

Physical activity has a whole range of benefits and the evidence is growing to it’s impact on a much wider range of wellbeing factors than just the well documented physical benefits and impact on health conditions. Some of those

A key feature of the Active Blaby Network is that we work together to help identify the right people at the right time and support them in the right way. The core Active Blaby team consists of exercise professionals who can work with residents to work with them to find the most safe and effective activities to create an active habit. However, we rely heavily on our partners to identify these residents and forward them onto us.

We accept referrals from most services where an increase in physical activity or simply undertaking some activity will be beneficial for them. On one hand, a key partner where pathways already exist is with GPs in Blaby District who refer patients to us to help increase physical activity to improve/maintain one or more health conditions. On the other hand, we work closely with the Children and Family Wellbeing Service to receive referrals where activities within families will improve a wide range of outcomes and also schools where activities will improve mental health and self-esteem of young people. We are working hard to increase the range of people who can refer to us and we are actively looking for organisations to work with in a partnership capacity as well as a referral pathway, such as our work with Menphys with families with early years children.

Why Should You Trust Us?

The core Active Blaby team have been working with partners across the district for well over a decade delivering high quality physical activity services. We have a range of professionals in the team from level 4 Exercise Specialists to social prescribers. We reach and work with approximately 12,000 residents each year in some capacity and approximately 85% of those people who have completed one of our programmes has increased their physical activity levels. The core team work within the Local Authority who are a trusted partner of many organisations and are held to the highest of standards.

What we will do for your patient/client

For any referral we receive, we contact them over the phone to talk through their referral and to triage them on a number of factors from health conditions to behaviour traits. We will ensure that your patient/client will receive a thorough risk assessment against established models to prevent any harm but will also make sure that they become active in way that maximises their wellbeing. They will receive support and resources from the Active Blaby core team to attempt to build an active lifestyle.  Our aim is to increase physical activity to improve health and wellbeing which sometimes goes beyond simply the activity.

If you have any questions about Active Blaby or would like to know more about becoming a referral partner, please contact us on the form below.

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