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How to get into Cycling

Cycling can seem like a daunting activity at first, especially if you don’t own a bike or haven’t ridden one for a while. It is perfectly normal to feel nervous...

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Cycling Routes

Leicestershire is blessed with a great number of cycling routes. These are very important for the safe and easy use of bikes to get from one place to another. Whereas...

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Active Travel

Getting around your local area without using your car is a great way to build movement into your day.

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Link to South Leicestershire cycle routes

Leicester South Cycling Map

Cycling map of the south of Leicester City into Blaby District. The map highlights different types of highway available on these routes to help you plan your route.

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The most suitable bike

Which bike do I need? Best bikes for beginners With so many different types of bikes on offer, it can be difficult to know which one is best for your...

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Cycling for Beginners – Rutland Cycling

Newcomers fear not! Rutland Cycling share the Ultimate Guide to Cycling For Beginners to help you get to grips with everything bike related.

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Cycling group in woods

Let’s Ride

Let's Ride is a joint initiative between HSBC and British Cycling to help beginners to start cycling. The site has lots of information on getting started, rides, events, routes and fun ways to get you into cycling in your local area.

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Woman on a paracycle

Disability and Para-cycling

For those looking to try the sport for the first time, British Cycling has a number of disability hubs in locations across the country.

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Inside a Bike shop

Local Bike Shops

Find your nearest bike shop and their contact details using Choose How You Move's shop map and information.

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Shake Up Your Commute, Shape Up Your Health

A lot of us just don’t get as much time as we’d like to exercise, but what if there was a way to get fitter, healthier and happier without eating...

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Active Blaby logo: A healthy, proactive Blaby District

This consultation is now closed.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed their time to complete the survey.  

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Sofa to 50km

A training plan taking you from doing no cycling at all to being able to complete a 50km ride in only 8 weeks!

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