Inclusive and Adaptive Sports

Child cycling on an inclusive Trike

Inclusive and Adaptive sports are designed to allow anyone, of any ability, to play. You may find these terms used in similar context, but the difference is that an adaptive sport has been modified to allow people with disabilities to participate, whilst an inclusive activity allows people with disabilities to play alongside people without disabilities as equals.

Inclusive and adaptive sports aren’t just the ones that immediately come to mind, such a wheelchair sports, but also inclusive sports such as Boccia and Indoor Kurling. Inclusive sports are also great for people who’s physical ability has declined due to age, giving them a chance to still be active and take part in sport!

Participation in sports and physical activities not only provides mental and physical health benefits, but it also increases self confidence and defies stereotypes about people with disabilities and disabilities in general. If you want to get involved in inclusive or adaptive sport, you can find some links below with some more information, or alternatively, check out our directory for local opportunities using the link below.


Group of Seniors looking at Kurling target

New Age Kurling

For those of you not familiar with New Age Kurling, it was while watching an Ice Curling World Championships that John Bennett was asked by his son to think of...

Read more about "New Age Kurling"

boccia Balls


Boccia is a sport designed for athletes with high support needs and has no Olympic equivalent. It is a target sport played indoors with soft leather balls. It is a sport of intriguing tactics, incredible skill and nail biting tension. Once you see it or play it you will be hooked!

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Wheelchair user with carer on a wheelchair bike

Activity Alliance

The national charity and leading voice for disabled people in sport and activity. Activity Alliance helps organisations to include disabled people in their programmes and support more disabled people to be active. Our team can help you to embed inclusive and better practice in all aspects of your work, whatever sector you work in.

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three women playing Wheel chair basketball

Wheelchair Basketball

Find out more about Wheelchair Basketball as a sport and search for a club near you!

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Man playing wheelchair tennis

Wheelchair Tennis

It’s one of the fastest growing wheelchair sports in the world, and we reckon it’s the most fun, too – welcome to wheelchair tennis!

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Woman on a paracycle

Disability and Para-cycling

For those looking to try the sport for the first time, British Cycling has a number of disability hubs in locations across the country.

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Man swimming in Para event


Do you want to know more about getting started in Para-swimming? Read more to find out how you can achieve your dream.

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