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From your responses, you believe that you need to learn some new skills to be able to become active in a way that you think is best. This can be quite a wide range of skills that you believe you need, whether it’s learning how to use gym equipment or starting a new sport or activity like golf or cycling. But whatever skills you’re trying to learn, it takes time and practice to be able to achieve this and you keep going, you will keep progressing in your skill. The famous line is that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to master a skill….that’s a long way to mastery however you don’t have to master a skill to be able to use it, many people play golf but it’s fair to say, they’re a long way from mastering it!!

New activities that are led by an instructor in the community should help you out as a new person to get you learning the skills necessary but in the vast majority of cases, your concerns of needing a certain level of skill to be active will be unfounded and you’ll pick it up very quickly. If you worry that a health condition may hamper you learning new skills, visit the page on the link below to find ways to be active with health conditions.


Most activities have a method where you can learn, sports have coaches that help develop a range of skills, instructors demonstrate and support movements, whether that be dance or exercise or you can learn yourself through directed materials like YouTube videos. Any activity with a leader of some kind will offer you the opportunity to learn with support, but the main thing is to start and give it a go. On this site, it’s difficult for us to offer a comprehensive range of training and activities to support you in this way, the best way is to search for activities you would like and find support as it most certainly out there!

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