Ideas for Games

Ever feel bored at home? Why not try out some of our activities that combine fitness and fun! Below are a few activities and resources that will help you and your family keep active in an enjoyable way. These activities are a great opportunity to get the family together whilst also fulfilling your daily exercise needs.

Family with football

Back Garden Games

Ball games are a great way to get active as a family! There are tons of fun but simple games that can be played in your back garden or local...

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Two adults playing frisbee in the park

Fitness Frisbee

The game entails a combination of fitness and frisbee. The rules are pretty simple and it’s a fun way of getting more active whilst playing frisbee. This activity also provides...

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Information about how to play Rounders


Rounders is the ultimate outdoor game that can be played by the whole family. Whether you’re in your back garden, the local park or even at the beach, Rounders provides...

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Young girl jumping over hurdles

Back Garden Family Relay Race

The back garden family relay race will consist of speed, agility, teamwork and dedication. The family will be divided into teams and race to compete against one another to win...

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