Fitness Frisbee

Two adults playing frisbee in the park

The game entails a combination of fitness and frisbee. The rules are pretty simple and it’s a fun way of getting more active whilst playing frisbee. This activity also provides a great opportunity to get down to your local park and spend some time bonding with your family. It’s simply a normal game of frisbee, but with a slight twist. If you fail to make a catch you have to complete a fitness challenge.

Fitness Frisbee Rule Breakdown

  1. Firstly, you must find a playing field or a large enough area that you can play in (ideally a park or sports field).
  1. Gather your family and friends so that you can play with. Minimum requirement is 2 players but the more you have the more fun the game will be!
  1. Next, you must all stand equal distances apart from one another, either in a circle, square or triangle (or simply opposite each other if there is just 2 of you). See image below for a proposed layout.
  1. Now, simply throw the frisbee to one another, HOWEVER, you CANNOT pass the frisbee back to the person who passed it to you. If you do, a forfeit is implemented.
  2. Furthermore, if you drop the frisbee, there will be a forfeit. If you repeatedly drop the frisbee 3 times in a row there is a greater forfeit! The forfeit can be picked from the ‘forfeits and ‘greater forfeits’ list provided below. An individual cannot pick the same forfeit until they have completed all of them. Only then, the forfeits list can be reset and a forfeit can be selected to their choosing.

fitness frisbee layout

Equipment required for Fitness Frisbee

  • 1 frisbee and access to a playing field or park


  1. 10 press ups
  2. 5 burpees
  3. 15 star jumps
  4. 10 seconds sprinting on the spot
  5. 20 seconds high knees

Greater Forfeits

  1. Run a lap of the playing field
  2. Press ups until failure (as many as you can, aim for 20!)

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