Back Garden Family Relay Race

Young girl jumping over hurdles

The back garden family relay race will consist of speed, agility, teamwork and dedication. The family will be divided into teams and race to compete against one another to win the backyard relay race title!

Activity Description

Divide your family into a minimum of 2 teams so that you can compete against one another. For example, it could be parents against children, or a mix of both. Once you are in teams, you must find adequate space to exercise. Your back garden or a field would be ideal space (see image at the bottom of the page to view how to arrange your garden). Other than that, it is simply an ordinary relay race within your back garden!

Equipment Required

  • Cones or objects to identify start and finish lines.
  • A baton or object to pass on to teammates, unless you are using the tag method.

Activity Breakdown

  1. Firstly, you must get into teams, preferably equal teams, if not, one member will have to run twice!
  2. Next, you must find adequate space to perform the relay race, like your back garden.
  3. Set up the race along the longest section of your garden, or playing area, so that you are both along side each other and running an equal distance.
  4. Now, for how to start, one of the participants who is not running first. can simply countdown with “On your marks! Get set! Go!”
  5. To mark where to run to, use cones or any object easily identifiable by the participants to run to or around then back to their partner.
  6. Both teams need to ensure they have a baton (a stick, bat, cone or ball) or simply tag the other player once they have returned to signal that they can then run. They must wait until there partner has run to the end of the runway and back, and either tagged them or passed them the object.
  7. Once both participants are back behind there starting position the race is complete. The first team back and sitting down are the winners!
  8. Losing team must do 10 Burpees each!


How To Arrange Your Garden For The Race

Back Garden Family Relay Race Layout


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