Walking Sports

Walking Sports are a brilliant way to introduce sport into your life if you are looking for a low impact option or are returning from injury. Most of the sports have the same rules as standard versions, only rather than running to get the ball or get to the next base, you walk, meaning its brilliant for those who are looking for the fun of playing sport without high impact.

The benefits of these gentle forms of sport have also seen increased positive health results, weight loss, rehabilitation progress and the opening up of social networks for the people taking part!

For more information on the walking sport programmes we deliver, click on the links below:
Women stood in Netball bibs

Walking Netball

Walking Netball is a modified version of the game we all know and love from playing Netball at school or as part of a club. Walking Netball has been designed so...

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Walking Football

Walking Football is a small-sided game of 5-7 players, following similar rules as Football, but played at a walking pace. The game is suitable for everyone from over 50’s, to...

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Walking Hockey

Walking Hockey is perfect for players who are looking for a less physically demanding version of the game but still enjoy showing their skills and being involved in the team...

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