Positive Activity Referral Scheme

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The Positive Activity Referral Scheme aims to provide a sport and physical activity pathway for young people and their families to increase their activity levels. We aim to improve self-confidence whilst reducing anxiety towards sports and physical activity.

The 12-week programme provides support and guidance for both the individual and their family to access sport and physical activity within the community. Participants are assigned a PARS Co-ordinator who will create a Physical Activity Plan, offer guidance and encourage a positive lifestyle change.

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PARS has really helped young people use physical activity to overcome a wide range of challenges they face, not only do they improve their physical health, but also their mental health and have developed new and better relationships with those around them.

Amber MasonYouth Engagement Activator

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Reasons To Refer:

  • Improve understanding of sport and physical activity• Promote the mental and physical benefits of engaging in such activities• Provide opportunities to access activities and sport within the community
  • Help to improve self-efficacy and reduce anxiety towards sport and physical activity
  • Providing the opportunity to socialise with others outside of school
  • Promote positive activity and help re-engage young people within the community
  • Promote the long-term sustainability of participating in sport and physical activity
  • Help to play a part in improving self confidence

Who can refer?

Referrals to the scheme can be made by various partners including:

  • Schools
  • HomeStart
  • Children and Family Wellbeing Service
  • Armed Forces Covenant
  • Police Services
  • Care Leavers Association
  • Support and Care Workers
  • Voluntary Organisations supporting Young People and their families (e.g. Centre for Fun and Families)

How to refer:

If you are working with a young person aged between 10 – 16 years and feel they could benefit from the Positive Activity Referral Scheme, please complete the PARS Referral Form below. Please note we currently cannot support residents outside of Blaby District and we do not accept self-referrals.

For referral queries or general programme enquiries, please contact the PARS Team by emailing PARS@blaby.gov.uk

PARS Referral Form

*A referral does not guarantee acceptance onto the scheme, however we will do our best to support participants and their families to access more suitable schemes or services if appropriate*

These two documents below outline some further details of the scheme for both for potential participants and those referring.

PARS Participant Booklet

PARS Participant Booklet

Download file: "PARS Participant Booklet" (389 KB)

PARS Referee Booklet

PARS Referee Booklet

Download file: "PARS Referee Booklet" (407 KB)


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