Running Apps & Technology

Runners nowadays very often use technology to track their progress and share their accomplishments. They also use technology to utilise during a run, from heart rates to distance, routes to music. All of which have a role to play in motivating you to continue running.

  • Strava is a great app used by over 55 million people across the world. It is one of the leading apps for running and cycling. It is used to keep track of distance, timings and more. For those wanting to motivate themselves, stay on track and push themselves to reach their full potential, it is the perfect app. This app also incorporates a social media model, that allows you and your friends to motivate each other and set goals and targets.
  • Couch 2 5k is a app that sets a week-by-week description of the 9-week set of couch to 5k podcasts. there are 3 runs per week, that is a perfect model for those wanting to start out running or haven’t run in a long time. A staggered approach allows you to have rest periods during your run, and create self confidence and motivation over 9 weeks.
  • Apple Watch, even though Apple Watches are the more expensive option, they are a great way of combining health, exercise, day to day tasks and fashion into one product. You can connect to Apps such as strava, you can connect your contacts, calendar and much more! Search more to see if this product would suit you and your running goals to keep fit, healthy and happy.
  • Garmin is the slightly cheaper version of the Apple Watch. With GPS tracking, the Garmin watch range can keep track of any runs you go on, collect your daily step count and much more. They have their own built-in sports apps, allow for contactless payments and connect to your music apps to make running motivating and enjoyable.
  • Fitbit is another well known smart watch and tracker product. There are options to choose either a tracker or a smart watch. With the Fitbit tracker being slightly cheaper, it allows you to gain the benefits of tracking your steps, distance and timings of each run you go on. as well as heart beat tracker and high activity automatic readings. This is great for those watching something smaller to motivate them and keep track of their runs.
Map my fitness logo

Map My Fitness

Track your gym workouts with ease! Log your progress over time by logging loads, sets and reps. Build your personalised workout routine from over 800+ exercises.

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Map My Run

Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned runner, you'll find the features and tools needed to stay on track and motivated to hit your goals with Map my run.

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Strava App

Track your fitness activity with Strava. Record your run, map a cycling group and analyse all your activity stats for free!

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Komoot App

Wherever and however you choose to explore, komoot has a route for that. From ready-built routes in your area that can be filtered by distance, difficulty and public transport links, to your very own route planner, which allows you to customise each route to include whatever you want to see along the way.

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Google Fit Tracker

Google fit allows you to track workouts, set goals, and log achievements in the apps journal.

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