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The Active Blaby website is our hub of information for all people interested in increasing physical activity in Blaby District. It contains information for partners involved in working with the public to be more activity in one way or another but also give support to residents who are looking for ways to help them create an active lifestyle.

For those partners looking to see how they can support Active Blaby, there are pages designed specifically for you in the footer to outline what Active Blaby is, how you can contribute and how the Active Blaby Network will work.

For the public, there is a whole host of information in this website for you to try and change your behaviour to become more active. Some of these features are highlighted below.

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This tab is where information on current programmes will be found. These are predominantly the programmes led and delivered by the core Active Blaby team but sometimes there will be information other prominent programmes here. These will change as new programme start up and some others finish. If you see a programme that you would like more information on and you’re not sure who to contact for more information, you can call us on 0116 2727703 or email us on the contact form below.

Contact Us

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The part of the work we do at Active Blaby that we love the most is hearing your stories of how you’ve started your activity journey and the impact it’s made on your life and the lives of those around you. We work hard to provide the right services to the public and where we can get some data to suggest that it’s work, nothing beats hearing how it’s helped people directly in terms of their health physically and emotionally. but by sharing, you’ll have a great impact on others as they can identify with you which provides motivation to succeed. If you have a story to tell and are happy to share with us, please do get in touch on the form below.

Submit a Story

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This section has a whole heap of activities that are at your disposal. There is information on different types of exercise where you can do at home or in your local village hall, how to be active within your everyday life and other activities that require little equipment or costs. There’s to much to get through in this small section but hopefully you’ll be able to navigate your way around this section and not only give you some ideas, but you may even find some activities you can do from there!


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The directory is our bible of organised activities that we’ve collated for you over a period of time. The directory will be periodically updated but these activities can change very quickly so always check with the instructor/club first before going to be safe. There are over 550 activities in the directory and you can search via location, type of activity and day(s) of the week that you’re free. We then provide you with as much information as we’re given by the instructors/clubs which will hopefully give you a bit of idea if it’s something you would like to attend!


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Physical Activity Behavioural Assessment

The assessment is what makes our website so unique. We’ve based our survey on key psychological and sociological theory. It asks to grade statements from 0-10. Depending on your responses the survey will send you to pages on this website that offer support, resources, services and/or advice specific to the issue identified.

This is the first time this theory has been used and is grounded in one thing: You. It’s about you, and aims to get you more active. Use the link below to start your assessment.

Behavioural Assessment

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Self Referral

The self referral form is there for two reasons. Firstly to refer yourself to a programme that you’ve been told to refer to specifically by a health or social care professional. Secondly, if you haven’t been referred to this page, this is where you access our services if you haven’t found what you’re looking for on our website. You can complete the form, it will through to us and we will contact you accordingly. The Active Blaby team is a small team so you’ll need to be patient with us!


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Our blogs are written pieces on a wide variety of subjects that may help people either understand certain pieces of information, better relate them to everyday life or simply outlining a journey that someone has been on. We welcome blog articles from people working in and around the network about how physical activity relates to their area of work or lifestyle.



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