Being part of a crowd who are doing it

Your assessment has suggested that being part of a crowd who are doing a similar would help you become more active. This is a common theme as people tend to feel more comfortable around people who are in similar positions as them, whether that’s a similar age, similar ability, similar challenges or similar abilities. People tend to feel that if they are part of a crowd then they are part of the norm which is comforting. These people will also be understanding to you and your situation so can offer some support, encouragement and empathy which will help you.


You’re not on your own

To feel a part of a crowd who are doing the same thing as when getting more active, it’s good to know that people are tacking the same issues as you and face similar difficulties. You may see people be active and think ‘well I can’t do that’ but there are many people out there who are overcoming barriers to be more active. Everyone is able to be active in some way, however that may be to start with. Some people have created their own ways of being active and you can too.

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We Are Undefeatable

When you’re managing a long term health condition, being active is about finding what works for you. Want help with starting to move more? We’re here to help. Click through for ideas and resources to help you start your journey to being active.

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Introducing Simon, one of our Active Together Champions!

Simon, Enderby Over lockdown I took part in couch to 5k. I previously did no exercise and I’ve also completed the Great North Run Solo raising money for the NHS...

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Active Together Champions

Meet our new Active Together Champions for 2021! You will find a wonderful range of stories on how moving more has helped so many of our champions with both their physical and mental wellbeing. From tyre flipping to forestry we have some fantastic champion stories just waiting to be discovered.

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Finding a Group

So, a good way to help you be more active is to find and get into a crowd that you feel comfortable being active with. This can be an activity class with friends, a whole new activity class if you want or maybe encourage a current group you’re involved in to become more active together.  Being in this kind of group can give you support as you can feel;

  • That you’re in it together
  • Good to see friends
  • That you don’t want to let people down by not attending
  • Motivated to go

Trying to do some activity with your existing friend and family groups is a good way to help you be active whilst support them increase their activity levels too! Building in an active part of your get together is a really effective way to get moving, such as;

  • Going for a walking instead of sitting for coffee catch ups
  • Introduce sports/games into groups, such as (walking) football, badminton or rounders
  • Cycle as a group to different venues to meet up


To try and find a group activity to be part of a crowd being active, please go to our directory and look for activities that are suitable for you, using the link below.


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