Lucie MugridgeActive Blaby Coordinator

ESCAPE-pain is an education and exercise programme for people with chronic joint pain or osteoarthritis.

ESCAPE-pain is a rehabilitation programme designed to reduce pain and disability for people who:

  • Are over 45 years of age
  • Have knee and/or hip pain for at least 3 months

You will attend two classes a week for 6 weeks, for a total of 12 classes. Each class will consist of a brief (20 minutes) discussion around a set theme, (i.e. pain; what it is, simple ways to reduce it using heat, ice or rest-activity cycling) and 40 minutes of a circuit type exercise programme.

It is important to commit to attending all 12 of the sessions in order to gain the benefits of the programme.

“I no longer have pain in my knee and my mobility is greatly improved. Additionally, I have stopped talking regular pain relief. At one point I was taking the maximum daily dose of Paracetamol”.¬†

Registration information

You will need to complete an online registration form before joining a class so we know a bit about you. Please complete the form through the button below using the drop down function to select the programme you would like to attend



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