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Your assessment has suggested that you will have trouble becoming more active due to your busy lifestyle, juggling a number of daily tasks resulting in a lack of time and focus to add activity in to your routine. This is a common theme in modern life with people working longer hours with longer commutes, pressures of being parents or caring for others and other stresses and strains put on us daily. However, there are ways in which we can try and build in some activity with a few helpful tips and tools at our disposal.

When we’re busy but want to squeeze some activity in, we have to be a bit clever about it. Here are some hints and tips to help add some activity into your routine.

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Try and get some help

Ask friends and family to help out if you need to find some time to be active. If you can get someone to look after the children, cover some work or can do something that you would otherwise be doing, that gives you a pocket of time to do some activity. Other forms of help could be before or after school activities for children, use work mates to cover work at lunch or some additional caring/respite support, none of which are easy but could give some valuable time to be active.

Combine your Activities

Instead of trying to find time between all of your engagements, why not try and kill two birds with one stone? Instead of meeting with friends at a café, get your hot drink and go for a walk as a group, if you have meetings at work, maybe do a walking meeting. If you want to have fun with your kids or grand kids (if you have them), why not go to the park and run around and play games with them. There are some everyday things you can do too, such as taking the stairs where possible, walk parts of car journeys or walk short journeys.

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Prepare to Save Time

When time is short, preparation will help you get the most out the little time you have. Put the work in to plan ahead with those who are going to help you, tools that you use and plans you’ll follow and you’re more likely to do your activity and start to create a habit. Use some prompts at the right times to remind you to get ready such as friends coming to get you or setting an alarm on your phone, get your kit ready so you don’t have to worry about it when you’re busy (ie. gym bag in the car) or use technology to help manage your time and log your activity without having to do anything.


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Focus on Activity

Whilst it’s difficult to focus with so much going on, it is helpful to think about those things that take your time away from being active and how to avoid those situations, thus stopping those activities at source. One issue may be that with people working at home, it’s all too easy to get stuck and say that you’ll do ‘just a little more’. Stick to a work table as you would do instead of the commute, use that time to go for a walk or play a sport. Remove the defined work area and give yourself some time. If you want to do some activity, don’t sit on the sofa before you do so, it makes it harder to get up and actually do it! Share your activity goals with those who are more active as they may be able to encourage and support you more.

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