Traditional Sports

Senior lady hitting a tennis ball

The more traditional sports in Britain are well known through the media but also playing at school and in PE classes. These tend to be football, rugby, cricket, netball, hockey and so on! These are still available in the local area and you can play at a variety of levels, depending on the sport and club. Quite a few clubs also deliver ‘Back to’ sessions which are less competitive and more for fun and keeping active, for example many rugby clubs run touch rugby sessions so that you can enjoy a run (or jog) around a pitch without the threat of being walloped by a monster of a player!!

You can find out about a wide of sports from their National Governing Body websites which can be found in the link below.

National Governing Bodies of Sport

Group of men playing football


Football is our most popular sport but can be played in many different formats. There’s the more competitive leagues on Saturdays and slightly less competitive teams play on a Sunday. Youth football also has competitive leagues. Other ways to play competitively is to play in a local small sided league, there’s one currently at Brockington College through Leisure Leagues or simply book a local leisure centre or outdoor pitch to play with your friends. You can also play Futsal, which is a different type of indoor football which is very popular in Leicestershire.

Football Club Finder 

Group of women playing rugby


Blaby District has a wealth of rugby available to our residents, ranging from more elite teams playing at a national/regional level to smaller clubs playing for local bragging rights. There are many youth teams affiliated with these clubs which provide excellent environments for young people to enjoy the rugby atmosphere and develop through the ranks. Many clubs play touch rugby where there is no contact but still have all the fun of playing the game. Some clubs have the O2 Touch programme which is a national initiative bringing the game locally in a more accessible way. Find a rugby union club near you using the button below

Rugby union club finder for leicestershire


Seniors playing a game of tennis


Tennis is a great sport for anyone to get involved in, regardless of age or ability. There is a wide variety of clubs in the district, which provide sessions all year round. Session range from Junior and adult teams which compete in the Leicestershire Leagues through to simply turning up to enjoy a social session of Tennis. There are some inclusive tennis sessions running locally, meaning tennis can be accessible for anyone! For more information about tennis in your local area, click on the link below.

Tennis in Leicestershire

Women stood in Netball bibs


Netball is a sport that many people will have come across in their P.E lessons in a more formal setting, but, it doesn’t always have to be about performing drills and competitions! While Blaby district has an array of clubs which compete in local Leicestershire leagues, there is also Back to Netball sessions which are being run by England Netball. Back to netball sessions offer accessible versions of the game, giving people the chance to rediscover their love for Netball in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. For more information on local netball, click the link below.


Group of women playing Hockey


Hockey is another sport that many of us came across in our youth. Hockey is not only a fantastic team sport to get involved with, but it has also been found to improve coordination and balance, enhance muscular strength and increase fitness levels! Besides the regular game, there are also more accessible options on offer, in the form of walking hockey. The same rules but played at walking speed, this variation of the game is great for anyone regardless of their fitness, ability or age. To find a local club, click on the button below.

Hockey club finder

Child playing cricket


There are plenty of cricket clubs to join in Blaby district, with many clubs offering sessions for children who are complete beginners from the age of six, allowing them to progress through the club and into competitive cricket.

For adults, there are also a few easy ways to start playing the game for the first time. The first thing to do is to check out clubs there are in your local area here. Most clubs will have between 2 and 4 teams that play Saturday cricket, with others offering Sunday and midweek friendlies, if you fancy playing in a more relaxed and social environment. For more information on local opportunities in cricket, click on the link below.

Cricket Club finder


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