Parks & Open Spaces

There are many types of outdoor facilities that help you to be more active. The map below includes locations for children’s play parks, outdoor gyms and multi-use games areas (MUGAs). Search for local facilities and get some information by clicking on the icons. Blue are outdoor gyms, orange are play parks, green are open spaces and yellow are MUGAs. If you are aware of any of these types of facilities and they are not included on this map, please get in touch with us and let us know.

These different facilities can be used in different ways and are aimed at different people.

Play park

Play Parks

Play parks are an excellent place for children to develop physically and develop balance whilst improving their social and emotional skills and using their imagination. These facilities provide a fun environment for children to have fun whilst supporting them get active in a fun and (relatively) care free way. Climbing builds strength and confidence, the swings uses core strength and ultimately, the children are having fun!

Multi-Use Game Area

Multi-Use Games Areas

These facilities can be quite varied in size and equipment. They can be in a cage so the balls don’t fly out or they can be open on a park on a concrete base. These areas are predominantly used for football and basketball but some also encourage cricket. They are areas that incorporate small football goals and sometimes basketball hoops at one or two ends for young people to play informal games. These are great for young people to be active through sports and build friendships.

Outdoor Gyms

Outdoor gyms are exactly what they sound like, they are pieces of equipment situated in parks that mimic equipment found in gyms, just built more robustly! They tend to work on your own body weight but the range of equipment can vary greatly. Instructions on how to use the equipment should be somewhere either on the equipment or nearby. This will tell you how to use it properly and safely. For some ideas on how to use some equipment, Leicester City Council have produced some resources to help you. The equipment in your park may not be exactly the same but this may help you.

Skate Parks

Skate parks are becoming increasingly popular for young people to use their BMXs, skateboards and scooters. They are designed to give people the opportunity to ride and do stunts with their equipment. The surface is smooth so if you fall off there are minimal abrasive injuries (just your pride!) but you must be safe when using the facility, a helmet is a must. Younger children are able to use these but thought must go to how many people are there and the dangers of other people and their activities.


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