Indoor Activities

active jenga

Raining and cold outside? Want to stay indoors but still have fun and be active? We have some ideas for you!

Below are some indoor activity ideas that the whole family can get involved in, from the comfort of your living room.

Active Jenga

This game uses the traditional Jenga rules but with a fitness touch!

Set up-

There are 54 Jenga pieces in a set. 50 pieces will have sticky labels with written activities to do on them. The remaining 4 pieces will have a lucky ‘pass’ written on in black, meaning you don’t have to complete any activities that round. The activities will be either written in red, orange or green. These colours decide how many repetitions you have to do of each activity.

  • Red activities result in 8 repetitions
  • Orange are 6 repetitions
  • Green are 4 repetitions.

There will be 5 different exercises to complete, so there will be:

  • 10 pieces with squats on
  • 10 with star jumps on
  • 10 with jumping jacks on
  • 10 with lunges on
  • 10 with sprinting on the spot on

So for each activity on the 10 designated blocks you want 3 in red, 3 in orange and 4 in green writing, as per the table below.


To start the game, build a normal Jenga tower. Each player then takes it in turn to take a block out. When a block is successfully taken out, complete the activity on the block and then return it to the top of the tower.

Repeat until someone makes the Jenga Tower fall.

Balloon Volleyball

This game is a great variation of Volleyball which is suitable for any age or ability, and can be played indoors!

Set up is simple, the game consists of two teams on either side of a ‘net’. For a net, you can use string tied to two chairs or anything else that provides a barrier between the teams.

Players must hit the balloon over the net and stop the balloon from hitting the floor on their side of the net. If the balloon hits the floor on your side, a point goes to the opposite team. You can choose to set a total amount of points to win, such as 20, or see which team has the most points after a certain period.

The game can be made harder by only allowing two hits of the balloon to get it over the net, or losing points if you hit a wall/any object.

Active Charades-

Active Charades is a really simple and fun game to play together with all the family. It requires participants to be active and creative in trying to perform the charade.


  1. Download the document below and print.
  2. The table in the document contains numerous types of activities. Cut them out, fold them in half and put them in a hat or bowl.
  3. Each player then has 2 minutes to act out as many of the activities while the other family members try to guess them!
  4. But, there is a twist!. Some of the activity cards are RED. These are fitness challenges . If you select one of these cards, you must complete the challenge as quickly as possible.
  5. The person with the most points at the end of the game wins! Good luck!

Activity Charades Table


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