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I’d like to be more active, but I’m unsure where to start

There are activities for all abilities and interests. You don’t need to be sporty or outgoing to enjoy an active lifestyle.

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I’m here to explore things for myself

Confident about getting active and trying new things, jump in and explore Blaby’s fantastic local offer of activities.

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Our support programmes

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Steady Steps Falls Prevention

Steady Steps is a 24-week course of weekly classes and home-based exercise aimed at adults age 65+ who feel unsteady on their feet. These programmes are delivered by specialist Postural...

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Health Walks

The Active Blaby team co-ordinate and sometimes lead a series of walks designed to get people moving. These Health Walks are quite short in length, relatively easy in pace and...

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Active Travel

Getting around your local area without using your car is a great way to build movement into your day.

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Menphys Inclusive Activity Programme

Mini Menphys Parent and Toddler group offers the opportunity for children in their early years going through a diagnosis or already diagnosed to enjoy play activities and socialise in a safe inclusive needs-led environment

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Your stories

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Referral Success Story

Through participating in an exercise referral, one resident was able to improve her mental wellbeing, physical health, and lose an impressive amount of weight in 12 weeks.

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Claire jumping in the air

Meet Claire, Our Active Together Champion!   Even in the most difficult times of supporting her daughter through recovery from an eating disorder, she was able to run. Her running buddy become her therapist...

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Vernon and Glennis holding hula hoops

Vernon and Glennis’s Story: Lockdown Life Post Steady Steps

Married couple Vernon and Glennis attended the Steady Steps classes at Whetstone a few years ago and have been going to the Steady Steps Plus class ever since. However, due...

Read more about "Vernon and Glennis’s Story: Lockdown Life Post Steady Steps"

Latest from our blog

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Shake Up Your Commute, Shape Up Your Health

A lot of us just don’t get as much time as we’d like to exercise, but what if there was a way to get fitter, healthier and happier without eating...

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2 women on paddlebaods on a canal

Bambi on Ice to Paddle boarding Pro – My Experience of Blue Social Prescribing

Part of our Active Blaby service is to signpost people to activities that would best suit and benefit them. As a team, we recognise that starting your journey into an...

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