Low Back Pain

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Our Low Back Pain programme is a 12 week course of progressive exercise promoting core strength and postural alignment. Sessions will consist of Pilates and yoga style movements, strengthening and pulse raising exercises and back care education. Participants will also be given home exercise routines to maintain progress between sessions. Please note that there will be a small cost to this.

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This programme uses specific exercises utilising expert knowledge to help manage chronic lower back pain. Chronic back pain is one of the most demoralising conditions someone can have and if our exercise programme you manage that a little better, it's well worth a try!

Hannah PowellActive Referral Officer

Previous participants have shared with us their renewed confidence and ability to manage their back pain after completing the course. Here’s some of that feedback.


The class setting is much better as you can talk to people who are in your situation. Others at home try to be helpful but don’t understand what you’re going through

Back pain class enderby

Sometimes you feel you’re the only one going through this pain and you feel that you just want to jump under a bus but this group understands and I can talk to them about it

If you have seen a health professional such as your GP or a physiotherapist and they have suggested this programme, or this is something you would like to be considered for, you can refer yourself to us using the link below and selecting ‘Back Pain’ from the drop down menu. Even if you’re not eligible, we will try our hardest to help you find suitable activities and/or resources to support you.

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If you’re not sure about this programme and require some more information, contact the Active Blaby team on 0116 272 7703 or enquire using the link below.

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